Ministry Jobs

Ministries in Pakistan are responsible for planning and implementing programs in order to ensure that the justice system is fair, that law enforcement is efficient, that initiatives are developed in order to support diversity within the workforce, and that a fair, healthy, and safe working environment is created to recruit qualified employees. Those who hold the position of a minister in the government are also responsible for building and managing the infrastructure that belongs to their department. Ministry Jobs in Pakistan have been very popular amongst Pakistanis for many years, since, similar to other government jobs, the employees who hold these positions are able to receive all the benefits such as a pension, social security, allowances, promotions, medical care, as well as many other facilities.
Types of Ministry Jobs in Pakistan
Pakistan currently has 33 ministries under the management of federal and provincial ministers, all of which are under the supervision of the federal government. Below you will find a list of some of the most important ministries of Pakistan.

1. Ministry of Defence
2. Ministry of Energy (Power Division & Petroleum Division)
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4. Ministry of Interior
5. Ministry of Law and Justice
6. Ministry of Narcotics Control
7. Ministry of Railways
8. Ministry of Science and Technology
9. Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication