Public Service Commission Jobs

The Public Service Commission is one of the most-important agencies which is responsible for hiring the most qualified candidates for the government departments at the state level. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is one of the leading government agencies that ensure that the best candidates are chosen to become part of the federal government. Currently, there are five service commissions governed by provincial legislation while the FPSC is governed by the federal government.

It takes several steps to accomplish the recruiting process, which includes screening tests and medical tests to recruit civil servants and bureaucrats. The main purpose behind these commissions is to provide job opportunities to those candidates who are the most qualified. This agency makes sure to promote merit in society by adhering to the core values of professionalism and transparency without any gender discrimination as well as political influence. The Public Service Commission follows strict rules and guidelines based on the fair policy made under the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Public Service Commission on Provincial Scale
Each provincial government is responsible for regulating the Public Service Commission. Currently, five commissions are responsible for the fair recruiting process in Pakistan, namely:

1. BPSC (Baluchistan)
2. PPSC (Punjab)
3. SPSC (Sindh)
4. KPSC (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
5. FPSC (Federal)

Mentioned below are the most up-to-date job openings with the complete procedure to apply online.

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